Quick Write

What topic are you considering for your report? What do you need to research? Who can help you with first hand information?

Graff “Hidden Intellectualism” (264)

In the article “Hidden Intellectualism,” Gerald Graff argues that schools should encourage students to write about subjects that interests them. While passion about a subject does not necessarily mean they will write well about it, they can benefit from reflective and analytical writing about subjects they care about.

Nonacademic subjects can be “more intellectual than school” (267).

What does he mean by intellectual here?

Real intellectuals turn any subject, however lightweight it may seem, into grist for their mill through thoughtful questions they bring to it, whereas a dullard will find a way to drain the interest out of the richest subject (265).

Do you agree with this statement? Why?

  • Who is his audience?
  • What is his purpose?

Give me the student anytime who writes a sharply argued, sociologically acute analysis of an issue in Source over the student who writes a life­less explication of Hamlet or Socrates’ Apology (270).

Your Hidden Intellectualism

What is a hobby or interests that you have through which participants can learn “hidden intellectualism?”

In other words, what is a non-academic pursuit through which you can learn academic skills. Describe a hobby or interest through which you can learn academic skills; i.e. persuasion, argument, “supporting an opinion with evidence, responding to the views of others, challenging one’s mind, preparing for college or career, developing important life skills, building morality, strengthening community, and so on” (“Finding Your Hidden Intellectualism”).

Finding Your Hidden Intellectualism

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Begin Research

Begin researching the topic you are writing about. Find at least one source to use for your report. Do not assume you know, find proof from a reliable source to help convince your readers.