Dustin Pettit

Professor Ramos


09 March 2020

Aim for the Stars Not the Ceiling

            “Don’t ask if your dreams are crazy, ask if they are crazy enough” (Kaepernick). Many individuals have huge ideas of becoming something great, but not all are strong enough to push away the criticism to reach their main goal. In the video, they portray pathos to show how it is not impossible to achieve great things. Nike goes into many famous individuals lives who dealt with adversity and hard challenges but were able to accomplish them and not let those hard times take them down. Nothing worth having comes easy and things that come easy are not worth having. Dream big and never wish to be someone else but see yourself as that someone who people are going wild over.

            The ad starts out with a professional skate boarder, Nyjah Houston, trying to grind a rail. He tries continuously but cannot seem to land the trick. After about his twelfth try he is able to land it and accomplish the challenge he took on. Next it goes into a kid who wants to become a wrestler, but he does not have any legs to stand on. But does that stop him, no! “Calling a dream crazy is not an insult, it is a compliment” (Kapernick). People who become extremely skilled have to face challenges just the same as any regular person. Do not try to be the best in your community or around your friends, be the best at what you are passionate about ever. Do not settle for any less than the absolute best. If everyone who is a professional athlete for whatever sport they involve themselves in was just settling for average they would not be as successful as they are.

            This ad ties to pathos because in one specific case, there is a man who is able to lose one-hundred and fifty pounds to become a winner in an iron man race.  This is one case of pathos because he had to go through many obstacles to get where he was at, his end goal was more important than any critique or challenge that made him struggle. This specific individual did not give up when he was criticized or when times got rough. Instead he took this as motivation as was able to push passed the bumps of the journey and came out successful. Another case would be the child who wanted to wrestle but has no legs. This kid did not let the uphill battle he would have to take to wrestle stop him. Take lance Armstrong for instance. This man was diagnosed with cancer in 1996. But did he let this obstacle stop him from achieving the goals in life that he had. He had to have immediate surgery to remove the cancerous tumors, did he give up after the surgeries? NO! Lance Armstrong went on to win seven in a row major cyclist races. These challenges that athletes go through only make them hungrier to strive for greater things.

            Facing adversity only made each and every individual featured in the video stronger and more motivated to make something of themselves. Reasons that this could be could go on forever. Some examples are, for instance someone who came from a rough neighborhood and struggled in every aspect growing up. These individuals were not going to live this way forever, so they made sure they are working extremely hard to become successful to no longer live this grueling life they once had. One appeal to logic that the video had was that for the most part, everyone wants to be successful and not struggling to get by. If they did not care to be successful, they would not have worked extensively hard to put themselves in the positions they are in today. Everyone’s path is different, but it is important to stick with the process and not give up on the crazy dreams that one may have.

            So why would this ad be credible to trust what is being said? Taking in the perspectives from many athletes who came from the ground up is one way that is can show the respect that the video deserves. These individuals were open to sharing their stories and to try and motivate others to never give up on what they believe they deserve. Narrated by Colin Kaepernick, a professional athlete who was cut from the forty-niners a team in the National Football League because he took a stand for what he believed in. These athletes are able to provide examples of what it took to become who they are today which makes them a reliable source to evaluate since they provided everyone with motivation to keep pushing for a goal. This for example with Kaepernick’s case would allow him to assert himself and never let adversity stop him from getting to where he wants/deserves to be in his life. Each and every one shown in the clip brings their own sense of credibility because they are providing how they were able to become the famous celebrity they are in the present.

            When it comes to dreams one can be discouraged in many ways to alter the motivation they have or feelings they have toward what they want. It is extremely important to not let others opinions get in the way of what one may believe to be best for them. Like Kaepernick said, “Just do it”, then the end result will prove all the naysayers wrong. Allowing oneself to work past the hard times and criticism they receive for what they are doing will have a huge impact on the growth they need to achieve these “crazy dreams”. Keep fighting and just as Nike says, “Just do it”. Never give up and shoot for the stars never aim for a ceiling.

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