Since we had an extra week off, everyone gets points for journal 10. Journal 11 is this weeks.

For this week, find a source that helps us understand covid-19.

Make sure the source is reliable. Tell us why you think it is reliable. There are a lot of sources out there right now that are not using logic or critical thinking but instead are scaring people, using fear tactics, fallacies, and misinformation. Try to avoid those.

The cure for fear is knowledge. Remember, we fear that which we don’t understand. Let’s build a good reliable resource for information so that we can understand.

I will start out. I heard this great podcast where they talk to a Virologist, a person who studies and researches viruses and diseases.

Check it out. It helped me understand what we are dealing with.

Make sure to include a link, summary, and analysis. Minimum 250 words.