Show, Don’t Tell

The writing you do at this level should do the work, instead of you having to tell us. No more lines like:

In this essay…

My narrative is about…

narrative structure

Narative Examples

Building Structure

Focus on events in your story. What events help you to tell your story?

  • First Event
  • Next Event
  • Next Event
  • Final Event

Do tell us what you went through. Show us what happened. Place us there with you.

Four Frames

You have four frames to tell us the story. What scenes will you include? What details will you want to draw into each scene?

Details are important when telling a story. It helps your readers see what it is you are telling them.

Quick Write

Kevin Kelly argues that machines will eventually take over many jobs that we now perform. Depending on how you are looking at this scenario, this could be a good or bad thing. How you do see machines taking over our jobs?


Kelly “Better Than Human”



Take everything we did today and use it to write your draft. Bring a full draft next week to peer review.