Quick Write

A theme is a central idea in a piece of writing or other work of art.

What theme or themes did you notice in “Woman Hollering Creek?”

Introduction to Sandra Cisneros

Have you ever read anything by Sandra Cisneros before this class?

Did anybody look her up? What did you find out? Her books were banned in Arizona. Why do you think they banned them?

Pioneering Chicana writer Sandra Cisneros received the 2015 National Medal of Arts Award from President Barack Obama at the White House, Thursday morning (Sept. 22).

Why are we reading her stories in a composition class? How is this different from our previous readings?

Analysis vs Summary

Summary versus Analysis. What is the difference?

What does it mean to analyze literature?

Analysis : detailed examination of the elements or structure of something.

“Woman Hollering Creek”

La Llorona Prezi

What are some themes, recurring topics or ideas, that you have noticed?

Let’s break it down.

  • Who are the characters?
  • What themes do you notice?
  • What point of view did the author use?
  • What are some key scenes that stick out to you?


La Llorona (The Crying Woman)2014

Arguable Thesis

Start with what interests you, to develop a point of analysis. You can choose a character, theme, issue, context, patterns, metaphors, authors style or language, etc. What is standing out to you and then you can develop that into a thesis.

You will be arguing that your analysis of the work is valid.

Developing Strong Thesis Statements

In Woman Hollering Creek, Sandra Cisneros is recasting traditional negative Mexican female archetypes in a positive light.

Focus on Thesis and Structure

One way to organize your analysis essay:

  • Introduce the text and state your arguable thesis.
  • Body paragraphs 1-3,4,5,6??? cite passages and explain how each supports your thesis and interpretation.
  • Conclusion, sum up your interpretation in light of your analysis
  • Document Sources, works cited.

You can choose other ways of organizing, as long as it is clear and  makes sense.

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Alternate Interpretation