Cindy Leiva
English 101
Professor Ramos
October 15, 2017

World Hunger

      The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organizations have estimated World Hunger as one of the highest of chronic undernourishment, malnutrition or under-nutrition. About 795 million of the 7.3 billion people are suffering from hunger and 161 million are children worldwide. It is said that world hunger has been an issue for many years, even though food is an abundant source in the world, some people can’t access to food. Many are dying due to the lack of nutrients their bodies don’t receive and diseases that are slowly building up.worldwide. It is said that world hunger has been an issue for many years, even though food is an abundant source in the world, some people can’t access to food. Many are dying due to the lack of nutrients their bodies don’t receive and diseases that are slowly building up.

Most of the hunger happens in non developing countries which is one in nine people an estimate of 12.8 percent of the countries with hunger. Some of the undeveloped regions are Africa, South Asia, East Asia, Latin America, Central America, Caribbean, and the middle east; this regions have met the proportion of hungry people. Foods are not a major problem for not being insufficient. The problem is for those who need it the most, we focus on material stuff and any other that are not necessary; While others are asking for a plate of food. Children are the major victims of under-nutrition, this causes them to have slower development and poor nutrients. Back in 2013 there’s a possible estimate that 45% was caused by child death due to fetal growth restriction, deficiencies of vitamin A and zinc, along with effective diseases including measles, diarrhea, and malaria. Those who live are forced to go to school hungry, which impedes their capacity to learn and grow, hunger contributes to a large educational gap in undeveloped countries. Where the schools, which aren’t real schools, are just built of 2-3 classrooms and no cafeteria for them to receive a meal. Hunger is caused by poverty, as the population expands poverty in fact increases exponentially.

One of the most hungriest countries is Africa, particularly Central Africa, which until this day needs most help. The country is controlled by a Rebel Group, that started in 2012 killing thousands of people who were forced to move to other parts of the country for better safety. The economy and humanitarian poverty still continues crop production is estimated to be 54 percent lower than pre-crisis levels. Where at least 2 million people are facing food shortage, health services,children unable to attend schools, and any other needs that is making it difficult for their economy growth. Many charities had managed to continue programs to help and strengthening for lifesaving, specially the children who are most at risk, this is by providing access to clean water, sanitation facilities, and income opportunities for long term.

Another brotherly country would be Haiti, a small country that faces food insecurities is most in need. Poverty leads to 6.7 million Haitians to face hunger, due to the natural disasters their harvests have slowly decreased causing those who do not produce their own food to be in need. It is to say that, another reason why Haiti is so poor is because of the weak government. Their Agriculture and Foreign investment have received only 4% budget and 2.3 % of official development assistance, for which the government contradicts to any delivery. Recently with much more outside help Haiti has come together to improve their produce in foods and conditional aid.

Latin America and the Caribbean have a total number of people suffering from hunger, the numbers have decreased in 21 of 27 regions of the countries, but people suffering from hunger has increased immensely. Poor distribution and access to food is the main cause of under-nutrition; Where one in five Latin Americans live in chronic poverty. Urban and Rural areas face poverty, but Rural areas have a higher problem of lack of access to food, health care, and clean waters. Children under five are the most undernourished, that later on they live with devastating results like, bodies are stunted physically, highly at risk of illness, and brains are undeveloped. You will also see them wandering on the streets asking for food or selling anything to provide for their homes, instead of them getting an education and help they need.

Although Africa is presented as the center of world hunger. Asia has more population in the world, it has always had more hungry people. Of all malnourished children live in Asia with a 70% who consume too few calories less than a healthy child. The poor and hungry face difficulties for food increases causing land resources to decrease, and food prices to increase. Statistics show that hunger has decreased from 21.6 % to a 14.2 % that until this day hunger is still spreading and organizations are coming together to stop hunger. Countries like in the Middle East who are living in war and conflict are clutched by hunger, struggling to survive with little help from other countries. Parents usually go out to sell their possessions in order for them to buy needs for their families.

Syria and Afghanistan are some of the countries that are going through humanitarian crisis, leads to deaths from starvation using food as a weapon. The U.N. has made its way to help but because of the Islamic State Group’s it denies and prohibits others to deliver food, estimates show the organization is reaching less than one percent to the communities. Yemen has 14.4 Yemenis facing food insecurities it has deteriorated over the years which is a life threatening of malnutrition. Number of children are suffering from malnutrition with destruction of health facilities treating them to death and resources for them to access.

World Hunger and Poverty has declined since 2000, but progress has been uneven the lack of food remains distressingly high with millions of people facing hunger. Children are affected by stunting and mortality are the most preferable target of hunger, who lack of nutrients, vitamins, physical and cognitive development. No child should ever face any problems in their lives, No child should go hungry and live in poverty, No child should worry about their health and an education, especially should never go up to strangers to ask for food or collect from garbage to or any other to be able to feed themselves. Parents are fighting and doing whatever it takes so their kids can have a meal for the day because they are the only treasure they have. We live in a world where anything happens and can be catastrophic, but hunger is a major epidemic, and as people should come together to fight and help those in need.

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