In today’s society we are torn apart as a country and as a world. We are falling apart with almost every situation we encounter in this country. We are no longer united as one. We are separating more and more each day. Whether it is each of us conflicting about politics, our rights as an individual, or the way we live today, we are struggling more and more each day. Suddenly we are, “Watching the American dream become an American nightmare for many”. (Chittister).

Gerald Gillum, also known as G-Eazy, is an American Rapper and music producer from Oakland California. Gillum had to prove himself and get his life together at 14. He always had a passion for music. At 18 he moved down to New Orleans on a scholarship. He finally started taking music seriously and it took off from there. After getting rejected by labels he contemplated quitting everything. Soon after, at 21, he dropped his first actual album, These Things Happen, that hit the Billboard Top 100.(A&E). He ended up selling everything, moved out of New Orleans, started sleeping in Air BnB hotels and friends houses so he can make his second album, When It’s Dark Out. His song, Me, Myself and I, went seven times platinum and he toured the world. Life became great for him. Now at 27, he dropped his most recent album, The Beautiful and Damned, in 2017. This album was his biggest hit. It tells all about his life and how he got here. Most importantly he uses his platform to get messages across to his fans. He explains all this to his fans, the way he got to where he is now, in his song “Eazy”.


In his album, The Beautiful and Damned, his created a song to express what is happening in today’s society. “Love Is Gone”, featuring Drew Lux, explains how today we are falling apart. How our country is no longer united. How today every little thing becomes a situation that is bound to blow up eventually. “Hard to sleep these days the sounds of all the screams keep me awake, love is gone.” Drew Love starts the song out with this. He later goes on and sings “stand by and watch it all go up in flames.” This can mean a numerous amount of things, but most importantly it grabs your attention about how messed up our world actually is. People are starting to speak up, therefore some people are fuming or hurting. Most of us sit back and just watch all this as bystanders and don’t do anything to help. G-Eazy starts his part off with, “ We worry ’bout materials and the simplest things, When cops are killing people, then they can’t take the blame.” Some of the issues we are facing today are not some that should be major. They are SIMPLE things that should be acknowledged but not taken into huge account. “Judge Timothy Wilson found the former officer, Jason Stockley, not guilty of first-degree murder in the fatal shooting of 24-year-old Anthony Lamar Smith.” (Salter). These are more situations that should be taken into matters. They should be taken more seriously. But they aren’t. A killing has happened and he isn’t guilty. A life that has a family too, is put to the side.

“I’m not no politician, but they listen, somebody informal, All the kids gotta find out what’s really important.”  G-Eazy is using his platform to get the message around to the younger generation as well. In a recent magazine Q&A, he was asked if he was worried about potentially alienating fans when this song was released. He responded with the fact that the world is on fire and some things need to be talked about. He felt as if he had a responsibility to uphold and a desire to do so. (Glicksman). Having an image like this, people look up to G-Eazy and all he has done. He may have concerns on possibly ruining his image by speaking up like he does in this song, but that does not stop him.

“So I salute YG, fuck the president. ‘Cause he a fucking racist supported by white supremacists. F*** Donald, go back to just running businesses.” YG is a rapper as well who created a song previously called, “F*** Donald Trump”. G-Eazy is with YG and quite obviously, can’t stand Donald Trump either and the way he runs our country. G-Eazy has put all this in his song to make a point that our country could be better than this, and we could have prevented all of this. Telling Trump to go back to just running businesses, is a bash on Trump because our country has had more issues than ever it seems lately. “The president is this presidency’s worst enemy, and there’s no sign of improvement ahead.” (Goldberg). In this article it explains that Trump’s presidency is in fact a tragic one and it is not gonna get better anytime soon. His character is what makes his presidency horrible. He blurts out too many things without thinking and who can forget about all his tweets he posts all over twitter. Racism is also a huge factor when it comes to Trump, as well as equality for individuals.


G-Eazy makes some pretty valid points throughout his entire song. “Until we all love each other nobody benefits. Minorities and feminists, trans, gays and immigrants. The government mix politics and religiousness.” These are some of the issues we are facing today. People are struggling to become who they want to be, and if they do come out as feminists, trans or gays they are instantly judged or discriminated against. No one deserves any of that and people should be free to live their own lives without living in fear of others. Immigrants or just people of another race in general, are discriminated against daily as well. America is just falling apart more and more each day. People like this, some look at differently. Job opportunity is much harder for them and everyday life as well. Whether it is going to get coffee in the morning or go grocery shopping, they still get looked at differently and judged instantly. “a man’s body’s more free than a woman’s is. The anger is real, the riots are limitless. And nothing’s gonna change ’til we killing off all this ignorance.”

The song finishes with Drew Lux, “Monsters, we’ve turned into monsters. How did we get the way we are?”  The point of this whole song is to get it into people’s minds and understand that today, everything is different. Gerald Gillum used his platform to send a message that many of us have received.  Everyone has to fight for themselves in today’s society, and we are falling apart piece by piece, day by day. We are monsters now because we are all attacking each other when we should be united as one. Yes, we have opinions and we can voice them, but people have feelings just like you and should not be discriminated against. Once we got our new president everything went downhill from there. The love is gone and the question is if we will ever get it back. In a way, we all wish we could have prevented the way the world ended up today. 

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