Quick Write

Collaboration vs. Team Work

In your own words, describe the differences between collaboration and team work.

The Future

Lets take a few minutes and imagine what the future has in store for us.

Write for two minutes on what grade you want and what you need to do to get it.

Fallacy Project

In small groups come up with an appropriate project for this class that helps you and us learn about fallacies.

  • Define the project.
  • Give the requirements.
  • Explain the steps.

Evaluation Examples

Emotional Fallacies (Pathos)

Scare Tactics – Scaring people and exaggerating dangers. Also known as fear mongering.

Scare Tactic Fallacy example.

Either-or Choices / False Dichotomy – Oversimplification to only two choices.

Slippery Slope – Exaggerating the consequences of an action.

Sentimental Appeals – Excessive emotion intended to distract.

Bandwagon Appeals – Follow the path of everyone else.

Connecting Issues to Monsters

Think of a contemporary issue we have been struggling with as a society. Keep in mind the monster theory we have been working with to understand culture. In small groups, draw a monster that connects with or represents a current social issue. Add a caption or some text to give the drawing some context.