People use marijuana all around the world, it can be used in many different ways. Marijuana can be ingested, inhaled and even used in rubs for pain relief. A ton of people use it for pain relief, anxiety or even help sleeping. It is used by all ages as well, a family in Georgia was concerned about there 15 year old son, so they let him try marijuana and it helped stop his seizures and it worked. They had to make the right choice for their son’s health, despite what would happen and georgia took their son away from them and thrown into a group home to suffer from seizures with no working medicine. How can people get healthy medicine for a reasonable price today? Secondly moving from pharmacies to medical marijuana and the benefits that may follow. Lastly how marijuana abuse may affect the world we live in today.

At this time all medicinal marijuana shops are forced to clear there shelves of everything that isn’t lab tested, they are trying to eliminate heavy metals, pesticides, and microorganisms, such as E. coli. As they work to permit all people above twenty one to be able to buy marijuana. States are now requiring testing for tetrahydrocannabinol better known as THC, the patients would like to know what they are using for both recreational and medicinal users. As companies are forced to lab test everything on the shelves, it now means the prices of the medicine is going to rise. Due to there being many different forms of medicinal marijuana there is marijuana plant form, edibles, tinctures, and vape cartridges it is going to take a fair amount of time to run each test. Due to concentrating cannabis to create oils, waxes and tinctures may concentrate pesticide residue which may end up in edibles or other forms of medicine. In denver one of the first states to legalize marijuana they required food safety inspections on marijuana products and requires them to keep the edibles refrigerated at 41 degrees or less. The foods must be refrigerated and processed to avoid developing dangerous bacteria.

Marijuana has been used for thousands of years for medical use, doctors not prescribing alot of cancer, HIV or positive for epilepsy, it now enables others to try it. There has been many different cases for all different ages trying marijuana, I mean my grandparents tried it for the first time after hearing all the benefits of it, helping sleep, relax when it’s that time and to focus more on what your trying to do. In this case, “My son was diagnosed with ADHD when he was 6,” a Grass Valley, Calif., woman who wished to remain anonymous told Sphere. “He was hyperactive and had trouble in school, but we didn’t want to put him on Ritalin. Too many side effects. When he got to high school, I suddenly noticed that he’d calmed and could concentrate. I couldn’t figure it out. Then he told me that he’d started smoking pot.”(anonymous woman). It was very beneficial to the boy because he finally found out what could help him sit still and relax. Although it is very helpful she wants to remain anonymous due to the fact she may get in trouble with the law. The decision was made from a pile of supporting evidence that the medical use of marijuana can be beneficial in many ways.

Suzanne and Matthew out of Macon Ga, wanted to let there son try marijuana to prevent multiple seizures from happening daily, and they were concerned about his life. There desicion landed them getting multiple fines and even getting the boy taken from them. “For 71 days he was not having any seizures and was able to go ride his bike, go play, lift waits and be a kid. We were able to achieve that with david not medicated from Big Pharma, but david Medicated with marijuana.” (Mr. Brills) .  He states that the police would much rather battle the legality of the marijuana and not the well being of the 15 year old boy. There is a new form of medication for epilepsy and it contains a ingredient of cannobonal that is found in marijuana, and it helps treat two rare forms of epilepsy. It would be the first time cannabis is allowed in a derived prescription in the U.S and would not contain the THC to get you high. Mr. Brills states that it shouldn’t be handed out to everyone with epilepsy but at least looked at and there is an alternative then only giving the patients one choice of medicine strictly from pharmaciesmappotlawsbystateimageviawashingtonexaminerdotcom.

Marijuana can be used for many different reasons, since marijuana has been legalized in 2004, about 100,000 medical marijuana cards have been issued. Once it became legal everyone started to experiment and making tea, budder, and many other fancy tricks, when back then it was only used in blunts, water pipes and bongs. From early age to elderly age smoking marijuana you will sure start to feel the symptoms, troubles with breathing, lung inflammation, and cancer may appear over time. I feel a lot of people lack the proper knowledge of marijuana due to the fact they don’t want to release the information until they must. They do not want people to know the research behind the medicine to be able to present it. Over heavy use of smoking it, it may cause lung inflammation, irritation and does lead to respiratory problems. It can also affect the immune system and most pot users smoke tobacco witch can cause cancer, due to marijuana still being in motion they cannot teach us the benefits of the product just yet.

There is many things you should be informed on about marijuana the benefits of the medicine and the cons of it as well, due to there being so many fake companies selling contaminated things, even though they should be thrown out and burned. People nowadays are getting contaminated medicine and using it. Also how many people are no longer going to pharmacies and have completely switched up. They have known seen the piling evidence stating that marijuana is beneficial in many ways. Pharmacies don’t help curtain things like seizures or epilepsy there is only one cure to that at this time, marijuana has helped in many cases from helping underage patients stunt there seizures and be able to live the everyday life. It would be great to regulate those who are in actual need of their medication. Today marijuana is used world wide so it would be nice to know the proper dosage, nowadays people go by who can roll the fattest or who can take the fattest hit, when you need to know how much your inhaling/ingesting so you know your potential risk. People don’t know the proper dosage on half of there meds used today and that is a big problem. People tend to abuse pot and sit around all day or get to high off the THC that they cannot move.

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People have really been moving on from the old tradition, a gold old joint will do. Now the want all sorts of different things that you can eat, put in your pocket and hit(cartridge).This really caught my attention due to all of the things that are happening right now, here in California. All contaminated products must be wiped clean from the shelves and not sold at all. Actually to be burned and all of the other product in the shop, cartridges, edibles,  any type of product that can be contaminated must be thrown out or burned. The prices that it cost to get your product is outrageous.  


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Pot is a really big benefit around the world from helping many people out with pain, anxiety and eating disorders and it also helps many people of all ages with seizures. It is used for cancer and helps nausea, it just needs to be clear of how much to consume for each person. Also, it creates money all around from there being 135,000 people employed in the marijuana business and generating 1.8 billion in income. At Least 300 million of that is going to state taxes. They are allowed to rent out buildings or buy them as well creating a lot of higher taxes to be payed and generating more money all around. It was classified as a schedule one drug it needs to be clear to the people that it is not as dangerous as people make it sound.

The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) wrote in its webpage “Marijuana: Facts Parents Need to Know” on (accessed Oct. 18, 2011):

Does marijuana cause cancer, That hasn’t been proven yet but it does cause lung irritation or increases the likelihood to throat respiratory problems like toxins. It also affects the immune system and most of the pot smokers do smoke tobacco which will cause cancer. If you repedely smoke it will lead to a cough or much worse like chest pain, phlegm and other problems.


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Due to marijuana still being in motion they cannot teach us the benefits of it, they only want us to know thee bad and think nothing of it. Now that it has been legalized for 17 years in california and legalized in many other locations now all around the world. They never wanted people to know the research behind it and to be able to present it. Although there are scientist studying the pros and the cons of it. They don’t want to release the information until they must. A lack of information is making this report hard, i wonder what they do with the information they dont want us to see.

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Marijuana has been used for thousands of years for medical purposes, if it is authorized by doctor alot of cancer, Hiv positive or epilepsy, people will give it a try. The decision was made on a pile of supporting evidence that the medical use of marijuana is beneficial in many ways. Over the years, prolonged marijuana smoking can cause troubles with breathing, lung inflammation and cancer may arise from the way of smoking. From childhood to elderly age smoking you will sure start to feel the symptoms. The use of cannabinoids have been approved for use in the united states, united kingdom, and in canada.


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Marijuana can be consumed and made into a variety of different things. It can be brewed into tee, mixed into a food product, and smoked in many different forms as well. Once people found out it was legal the experimenting starting going. The most popular back in the day was inhaling the green buds that you put in your pipe, bong or blunt and hit it. Its goes to all ages, it is really up to the parent if they should let their kid try it. If the kid is having symptoms like seizures, ADHD and can’t sit still in a classroom, maybe a edible or a hit of cannabis can help him concentrate and stay in class. What makes the food that can be consumed is the oil base that comes off of the flower.